5 Best Phone Tracker Apps Without Permission: Get the Perfect Start to Your Spying Aspirations in 2022

Mobile phones are a significant part of our lives today. We use these devices to connect with friends, families, and other people on the Internet. 

However, some people may have questionable content on their cell phones, and with the rise in cyberbullying, illicit online affairs, and other suspicious activities, you’d want to be wary. 

If you suspect that your partner, kid, or employee has some suspicious elements on their phones, discreetly checking it out before it becomes a threat is a must.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the best tracking options you can explore today for effective results.

What Can You Do With a Mobile Tracker Spy?

You might wonder how useful a spyware application can get. Below are some of the stellar features you can access in a typical mobile tracker spy app:

  • Call Monitoring

A mobile spy application can track and record incoming and outgoing calls on the target device. 

More advanced tracking services can also register the timestamps and the contact names of those involved in the call.

  • GPS Tracking

Another nifty feature you can find on a mobile tracker is GPS tracking. These apps can access a target phone’s location in real-time and share the precise coordinates with you. 

You may also find mind-boggling features like location history and geofencing on some alternatives. 

  • Browser History Monitoring

Newly developed mobile spyware options can monitor browser activities on another person’s cell phone. With these applications, you can also track metrics like most visited websites, bookmarks, and downloads within the browser.

  • Social Media Tracking

If the target device has some third-party social media platforms installed, spy apps can seamlessly infiltrate it for its data. 

These revolutionary apps can track and record sent and received texts and multimedia files in real-time and deliver them straight to your dashboard.

  • Screen Recorder

If you’d like to see what another person is doing on their cell phone, you can monitor them with the screen recorder function in top-tier spy apps. 

It lets you get a short video capture of what a device’s screen is displaying at that moment. On most apps, the screen recorder takes screenshots at specific intervals. 

  • Keylogger

With a spy app, you can also view all keypresses on a mobile device. This futuristic functionality is available on premium spy tracker alternatives, and you can view the data remotely.

NOTE: Some spy applications have “Demo” mode — a feature available for all users. This add-on lets you see how the app’s embedded functions work in real-time. 

How Does a Cell Phone Tracker Work?

Spy apps often have numerous features you can use with little to no technical expertise. However, you must follow specific installation processes before using a cell phone tracker without installing software. 

Using the mSpy application as an example, seamless use requires following these simple steps to the “T”:

  1. Visit the official mSpy app website and browse the packages it has on offer. You’ll find a call-to-action button that’ll lead you to the next stage.
  2. Open an account with the service by providing recent and valid contact information.
  3. On the next page, click on the OS type you wish to track. Multiplatform spyware like mSpy will require you to specify the device’s model and operating system.
  4. Then, you’d get to pick a pricing plan that suits you. The spyware service may have subscription plans based on the number of features provided or devices under surveillance. Also, you can complete the subscription purchase with a broad range of payment methods.
  5. After a successful subscription, you can sign in to your newly-created account.
  6. The spyware manufacturer will finally give you specific prompts and instructions on how to complete the entire download and installation process.

NOTE: One question we usually get is what happens if a user isn’t sure of the target device’s OS during sign-up. Well, tracking alternatives like mSpy have the ideal solution as this user bracket can click the Decide Later icon during sign-up. This prevents patrons from subscribing to an incompatible plan. 

How to Choose the Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission?

An effective medium to select the best spy app for your needs is by considering the core characteristics. Below are the some of the factors you must consider:

  • Compatibility

First, you must consider whether the spy phone tracker app version is compatible with the cell phone you wish to track. It would help if you did so, as all devices have different operating systems versions on which they run. 

Spyware manufacturers develop their services to cater to a broad range of devices. 

Thus, it’s not uncommon to see spy apps compatible with Android, IOS, Windows, and MacOS systems. 

  • Features

The number and quality of a spy application’s features can determine whether or not it would suit your case. Typically, you’d get functions like call and text tracking embedded on a free cell phone tracker without installing it on the target phone. 

Other alternatives may include more premium features for an extra fee. It’s best to consider what functions you specifically need and do away with add-ons.

  • Ease of Use

Does the spy app promote easy usage? Specific spyware solutions have remote data transfer so that you don’t have to physically access the target device whenever you wish to sieve out new information. 

Also, consider options that support cloud data syncing. That makes it convenient to map out how to track a phone without them knowing.

  • Price

What you’d spend on a spy application depends on the structured subscription package that the manufacturer implements. 

Generally, mobile spy apps have a “Basic” version that can either be free or cost the least. Then you’d move on to the “Medium” plan, that’ll cost a bit more. 

Finally, there’s the top-notch “Premium” alternative. In some cases, the spy app may offer custom pricing tiers to suit customers’ individual needs.

  • Customer Support

Every standard spyware application has some level of customer support. You must pick a suitable tracking solution with several support options to handle the inquiries and requests you might have while using the application. 

Some spy app vendors have a unique live chat, phone number, and emails. However, others might take things further by implementing a ticketing system.

NOTE: Although the ticketing system is applaudable, it doesn’t guarantee prompt responses. Thus, we advise using spy applications with a live chat for quick replies. 

  • Is It Detectable?

The one feature that most spyware applications share is the ability to retrieve information with as little trace as possible. However, different stealth functionalities exist for each spy app. You must select an option that’s least detectable to the person on which you want to spy.

NOTE: 100% Stealth Mode on most spy applications will see the service’s thumbnail disappear immediately after installation. To avoid raising suspicions, the app will operate in the background, using as little battery power as possible. 

What Are the Best Spy Mobile Tracker Apps?

The moment you’ve been waiting for — our list of the top tracker applications! 

However, before we look at the specifics of these apps, here’s a comparison table to set things up: 

Spy AppFeaturesPriceRating 
Scannero.ioIt offers core cellular location tracking. That means you can use the service to track someone’s phone using people’s phone numbers. Scannero.io is also web-based, so you can access it from anywhere with a browser.1 month – $49.80 per month 24-hour “trial” plan for $0.89 (one-time plan)5/5
mSpyCall recording, keylogger, and IM (Instant Messaging) tracking. Other features include browser history tracking, photo/video capture, and network monitoring1 month – $48.99 monthly 3 months option – $27.99 monthly 12 months – $11.66 per month5/5
eyeZySocial Spotlight, Magic Alerts, PinPoint, and Calendar plan breaker. Users can also access Keystroke Capture, Invisible Shield, and Web Magnifier.1 month – $47.99 monthly 3 months option – $27.99 monthly 12 months – $9.99 per month4.9/5
uMobixFeatures include Contacts tracking, call logs and message monitoring. uMobix also has WhatsApp, LINE, and Instagram tracking1 month – $47.99 monthly 3 months option – $27.99 monthly 12 months – $9.99 per month4.8/5
SpyMonsterIncoming and outgoing call logging, Keylogger, call recorder, SMS, and IM track. SpyMonster also supports photo and video capture, GPS monitoring, and ambient recording1 month – $41.99 monthly 3 months option – $23.99 monthly 12 months – $9.99 per month4.6/5



Scannero.io is a top-tier GPS spyware that lets you find someone’s location with their cellphone number. 

It’s web-based, meaning you can access the service from anywhere in the world with a mobile browser. 

Scannero.io supports most smartphone models and mobile network carriers globally.


  • Scannero.io has an excellent user interface that enhances navigation and usability.
  • It can display the target device’s recently visited locations in addition to real-time data
  • The application can send users automatic notifications when the target enters a predetermined location.


mSpy spy app

mSpy is arguably one of the most famous spy mobile tracker apps you can download today. The app justifies its reputation with its broad range of distinctive spy features. Beyond that, mSpy has robust device support between Android and iOS operating systems. 

You can install the application on a rooted or jailbroken smartphone if you want more advanced spy features.


  • mSpy has a sophisticated GPS tracking system to triangulate the target device’s precise location.
  • 24/7 customer support is available
  • The app can track messages and multimedia on major third-party apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.
  • Users can access a built-in keylogger and SIM tracker on the mSpy platform
  • The app has a unique “stealth mode” that lets you run it without the target detecting the app’s operations.
  • It would retrieve call and text records, even when they got deleted from the target smartphone


eyezy spy app

eyeZy is the spy app to get when trying to learn how to put a tracker on the phone with maximum stealth. With its revolutionary AI functionalities, eyeZy can covertly take over crucial hardware components on the target device and collect data in different forms. eyeZy is compatible with Android or iOS-powered smartphones.


  • eyeZy’s pricing plans are cheaper than other similar spyware solutions on the market
  • The app is straightforward to install and operate
  • It delivers automatic updates if the target device runs on Android
  • Bank-grade encryption to dispel malicious attacks
  • eyeZy also offers an around-the-clock customer service experience


spy mobile tracker app

Do you prefer a more user-friendly take on mobile app tracking? uMobix would be right up your alley, with its intuitive interface and easy-to-use spy features. 

What’s more?

The app has a 60-day money-back guarantee available if it doesn’t function optimally during this timeline. 


  • uMobix doesn’t require jailbreak or rooting to gather data on the target device.
  • It can deliver trawled data to your spy account in real-time
  • Users can monitor and save call logs, messages, and contact data in various formats
  • The spy application gives access to advanced functions like geofencing, keylogging, and stealth mode at no extra cost.



SpyMonster is a full-fat spy application that offers a ton of features. It operates seamlessly as a cell phone tracker without the target phone. 

SpyMonster requires jailbreaking or rooting on the target smartphone to access advanced features. Also, the spy application is a tad more expensive than most of its competition.


  • SpyMonster lets you take a screenshot on the target device remotely.
  • The user can set up multiple geofencing points in the spy app and would get automatic notifications whenever the person is within those set locations
  • It also comes with “Stealth Mode” built-in

Final Thoughts

You may have a specific reason to spy on someone’s smartphone without their knowledge. Parents can track their kids’ activities on the web, while employers can monitor their workforce to keep their productivity at an optimum level. Couples can also spy on one another’s phones to uncover evidence of infidelity.

Whatever genuine reasons you might have to track someone’s phone, you must get the right tools for the job. 

However, understand that there are caveats to using the best phone tracker app without the permission of the target. In some jurisdictions, the target must be a minor or the aggressor in a domestic violence case. 

In the latter scenario, the presiding judge would accept evidence you got without permission.

So, what spy application will do an excellent job getting information from your target’s phone? Above are some of the best alternatives you’ll find online.

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